doll outfit & accessory bags
Size:  6 1/2 x 6 

3 for $10.00 or $5.00 each
Size:  3 1/2 x 4 1/2

3 for $7.00 or $3.00 each
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Small Accessory Bag
Large Accessory Bag
Doll Outfit Bag with Window
Size:  7 x 10

3 for $18.00 or $8.00 each
Small Pink Flowers
Brown with Multi Colored Flowers
Hot Pink & Light Blue Flowers
Pink & Green Circles
Purple with Pink Paisley
Pink & Orange Flowers
Pink with Colored Circles
Zebra with Pink & Green
Pink Flowers with Brown
There are 4 types of bags.  Small Accessory, Large Accessory, Outfit with a window and Outfit without a window.  The Small Accessory Bags can hold a pair of dress shoes, while the Large Accessory Bags hold the larger shoes like boots and roller skates.  You can fit a whole outfit in the Outfit Bags; shirt, pants, and shoes.  The window in the Outfit bags make it easier to figure out which outfit is in which bag.  The Outfit bag with out the window is designed for sport outfits like a bowling themed outfit; shirt, pants, socks, shoes, bowling ball and pins.  All of the sport themed outfit can fit into a bag and has a pink heart tag that hangs on the outside of the bag with the sport on it, making it easier to figure out what outfit is in the bag!
  • All invoices need to be paid through Pay Pal email request to your email before orders will be made/shipped
  • Most orders (3-9 pieces) ship flat rate envelope USPS for $5.95, larger orders (10-18 pieces) will ship flat rate box at $12.95 
  • Some bags are already made, so your order can ship within 3-5 business days after invoice is paid.  Any order that needs to be made will ship 5-10 business days after invoice is paid. 
  • There are 10 fabric choices (below).  I don't always have all fabric choices in stock and I will do my best to get the same fabric to complete your order, but can not guarantee it.  If I can not get the fabric you want, I will contact you by email, so you can choose another fabric choice
Small & Large Accessory Bag
Outfit Bag with Window
Outfit Bag without Window and 
Pink Heart Tag
*New Item*
Doll Outfit Bag/Pink Heart Tag
Size:  7 x 10

3 for $15.00 or $7.00 each
Large Pink Flowers
Red Bandana
Purple Paisley
The fabrics below are limited to specific bags and the quantity of each bag is different.
Each bag that is available in these fabrics is listed below the fabric with a special price for the limited fabrics.  
  • Small Accessory - $2
  • Large Accessory - $3
  • Outfit w/ Window - $5
  • Small Accessory - $2
  • Large Accessory - $3
  • Outfit w/Window - $5
  • Small Accessory - $2
  • Large Accessory - $3
  • Small Accessory - $2
  • Small Accessory - $2